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Our Autism Story – “Annie”

We added a family member back in June that has had the most amazingly positive impact on Brahm! Her name is Annie and she’s a red, standard poodle!

We never imagined we’d have any animal, let alone a dog. However, this past Spring, Helena caught me in the exact perfect moment of mom-guilt when she asked for a puppy. I made the mistake of “just window shopping” to see what might be out there. Of course, I found the most wonderful breeder that just happened to have the perfect puppy for us.

Annie has been amazing for Brahm in two main ways.

  • Brahm has been really struggling with anxiety. When we can tell Brahm is getting really anxious or on the very of a meltdown, we tell Brahm to ask Annie “for some love”. Annie comes right over and licks his ear, which often times snaps him out of the anxiety he was having. It’s amazing that Annie seems to run TO Brahm when he’s having a really hard time, rather than running away from him.

  • Brahm has also been really struggling with going to sleep at night. Without Annie, Brahm would take hours (and we mean HOURS!) to fall asleep – this included getting really aggressive and destroying things. However, when Annie is in his room, Brahm snuggles right into bed and falls asleep in no time.

Funny story…. When we first got Annie, Nick and I were talking about how Annie was kind of like Brahm’s autism support dog. Brahm overheard us (kind of) and is convinced Annie HAS autism! Brahm and Annie’s connection is so amazing!

P.S. – While Helena was the one initially asking for a puppy, Annie kind of became Brahm’s puppy. But, don’t worry about Helena! She got her very own poodle puppy for Christmas named Luna. 2 kiddos = 2 poodles!

Best buddies!

Brahm was feeling anxious waiting for the bus on the first day of school. Annie gave him some love, licked his ear, and he felt much better!

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