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Our Autism Story – “Biggest Current Challenge”

Our life can feel a bit like an ocean – at times things are manageable and we’re riding the wave and other times we are really struggling and stuck in the trough. Well…we’ve been stuck in the trough for the last several months.

The biggest challenge we’ve been struggling with is Brahm’s behaviors. Without going into a ton of detail, Brahm can have periods of aggression. It has made it incredibly difficult to go out in public. So much so, we decided to throw in the towel and not take Brahm out in public until we are able to better manage his behaviors. It has also made it incredibly difficult to sometimes get through the day at home with Brahm.

Everything I said above was from Nick, Helena, and my point of view. But, I don’t think the behaviors are the root issue. Brahm can be such a sweet and charming kiddo and clearly something else is going on for Brahm that we haven’t been able to yet identify (and he can’t communicate). Here’s our game plan to try to get back to the top of the wave:

  • We have an appointment with a neurologist to see if we can better figure out what’s going on in Brahm’s noggin.

  • We are working with Brahm’s psychiatrist to completely review and revise his medications to see if we can get a different combination that makes him feel better.

  • We are continuing to work with Brahm on communication and giving him the words to describe what he is feeling and thinking, in the hopes that he can start translating the behaviors into words.

  • I am trying to be home more, so that Nick and I can tag-team the challenging situations better.

  • We are hiring respite care for Brahm, so that Nick, Helena, and I can take a break once a week and recharge ourselves.

I’m confident we’re going to figure all this out and that we have a game plan to get there!

P.S. – Nick would hate this, but I’m going to say it anyway!... A huge kudos to Nick and all the other stay-at-home parents of special needs kiddos that are in the trenches every day, without a break, doing the absolute best for their kiddos. You wrangle everything – school, therapy, and doctor’s appointments, along with all the typical parenting stuff, and I am so grateful for it!

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