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Our Autism Story – Day 13 – “Eye Contact”

Brahm almost never has eye contact. This is a common trait of many people with autism and one of the early signs of autism in infants. In Brahm’s case, we think it is physically painful for him to make eye contact. In a way, it is an extension of his sensory issues. We think he has so much going on inside his mind, that he cannot add to that the extra energy it takes to make eye contact.

While Brahm rarely will look at anyone, he is constantly hearing and knowing what is going on. We swear he has the best periphery vision we’ve ever seen. Brahm is constantly aware of what we are saying and doing, even though he is looking elsewhere.

Eye contact is one of those things that doesn’t really matter to us. We think there are bigger issues to tackle first. The only time I require Brahm to look at me is when he says “I love you.” (Selfish, I know!)

P.S. – The attached video shows how difficult it is for Brahm to make eye contact and how in these moments he “loses his language” and resorts to sounds. It also shows how he’s been somewhat “trained” to make eye contact for “I love you.”

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