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Our Autism Story – Day 23 – “Support System”

Over the past four years, our biggest support system (outside of our family) has been the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (ASSEW). ASSEW’s mission is to “improve the lives of all affected by autism”. It’s an organization that pulls together families in this area just like ours and allows us to learn from and lean on each other. Some of the ways we benefit from ASSEW are:

  • Parents support group meetings

  • Connecting with others through ASSEW’s Facebook groups

  • Special topic meetings, like the one we attended on potty training

  • “Intro to Autism” meeting for parents of newly diagnosed children

  • Having a “lifeline” through our favorite person at ASSEW – A place to go when we don’t know what to do

  • Attending member events with the whole family to enjoy some time in public with other families just like ours

ASSEW has truly been our “soft spot to fall” when things get tough and we don’t know what to do.

ASSEW raises money to support itself through two events – Dylan’s Run in September (head’s up we’ll be sending out our team info in June) and its Autism Gala, which we attended on April 21st. The link below is to a video that was shown at last year’s Gala and describes many of the ways ASSEW supports the community – and, we’re in it!


Brahm's team from last year's Dylan's Run! Brahm didn't want to take a picture, but after a very long time, we finally got him in the shot way off to the side by his wagon!

Nick and Kelly looking fancy for the 2018 ASSEW Gala.

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