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Our Autism Story – Day 26 – “Brahm’s Perspective”

We asked Brahm what he wanted to tell everyone about what it’s like to have autism. At first, he just stared at us. Brahm knows he has autism and will be the first to shout out that he does (with a great big smile on his face!). But, when we asked him what it was like to have autism, he was really confused because Brahm is…just Brahm! Yes, autism is a part of who he is, but it’s not like you can separate the autism from Brahm. Epic parenting fail on our part – we should have asked Brahm a better question!

Our second approach was to ask Brahm what he wanted to tell everyone about himself (without focusing on autism). He wasn’t feeling like talking at the time, so we

encouraged him to draw some pictures. Our hope was that we could use the visuals he was creating to get him to talk about them. No go! Brahm still didn’t want to talk.

The attached video begins with Nick showing Brahm the pictures Brahm drew (all his favorite things, of course!). Nick tries to get Brahm engaged. Eventually by the end, Brahm is talking a little bit and responding to Nick. It’s a great example of how communication can be challenging and how all of us work hard to make it happen!

Brahm's picture!

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