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Our Autism Story – Day 29 – “Brahm & Co.”

One of our biggest concerns is what Brahm’s future might look like. Brahm might work a traditional job or he might need an alternative opportunity. There are employment support services out there, but we’ve learned along this autism journey that if we want something done, we need to do it ourselves.

Brahm & Co. is an idea that we had been floating around for a while. We wanted to create an opportunity for Brahm to work both now and later in life. He may never need THIS opportunity, but we would have a Plan B, if needed.

So, how did this idea evolve? In probably the most unique (and fitting) way! We were at the Pinball Museum in Asheville, NC. They had tons of pinball machines to play, but instead, Brahm found a tiny, straight-out-of-the-80’s, Formica, falling-apart rubberband board. He sat playing with this rubberband board for hours. As I was watching him, I thought “I bet we could make something like this, but way better.” And, I thought Brahm would really dig the building process.

That was the start of the idea of Brahm & Co. So, what’s up with the candles? Brahm’s interest in candles exploded over the past year. We were looking for a special activity to do with Brahm this fall, and we stumbled upon a candle supply store. The most amazing ladies run the shop, and Brahm fell in love with them, the store, and making candles. We knew we needed to incorporate candles into Brahm’s shop.

Brahm loves working on the rubberband boards and candles. It’s amazing how much he can do – he has a hand in nearly every step of the process. Brahm loves working in his “workshop” making the boards look “rustic” and he LOVES putting his hands into the giant box of wax flakes. Brahm doesn’t know it, but it’s also been great for working on Brahm’s motor skills (putting lids on jars, screwing in screws, sanding, etc.). We try to have Brahm involved in the delivery of every order – he either delivers orders in person (where he can work on his verbal skills) or will draw a picture for orders where he can’t make it in person (where he works on motor and drawing skills).

A huge thanks to everyone that has supported Brahm & Co. and our big man! The next time Brahm takes up a new interest, we will try to produce a new product!

Brahm in his "workshop" sanding boards!

Brahm screwing the lids onto the jars (secret fine motor work)!

Brahm packaging up the jars!

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