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Our Autism Story – Day 30 – “Why we Advocate!”

Our focus is the same as most parents – our kids! As time goes on, we see Brahm’s peers beginning to recognize differences between him and them. We don’t want autism (or any other difference, challenge, disability, condition, or disease) to seem “weird”. We want to talk about this stuff until it just becomes “normal”! And even beyond that, we want autism to become truly “understood”. We want to shed some light on Brahm’s world – why he acts the way he does, Brahm’s challenges, what he enjoys, and what makes our big man unique!

When we started this fun little autism journey, we had a rough idea of what autism was. However, I don’t think we really started getting it until we were living it. We’re still learning and figuring this out ourselves! We’ve tried to describe our life in the hopes it will provide a deeper understanding. We hope the next time you’re in a restaurant and hear a child screaming and melting down, you might think of us! And maybe in that moment, you’ll look over, give a smile, and tell that parent – “You’re doing a great job, you got this!”

We have been blown away by the support we’ve received these past several years! We are definitely different people than we used to be. We don’t take anything for granted. We know that one moment can change the entire trajectory of our lives. We live in the little moments – those moments that we absolutely burst with love, excitement, laughter, pride, and joy. We are grateful for our friends and family that have shown us unconditional love and roll with the craziness of our family! We hope we’ve done our part to try to make this world a little kinder and gentler for all people, especially amazing kiddos like our big man Brahm!

Thanks for listening to and sharing in our autism story! Please feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, or discussions any time of year!

Until next April…!

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