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Our Autism Story – Day 5 – “Brahm’s Favorite Things”

When Brahm is “into” things, he is really “into” things. And, not just “into”, but obsessed!

Brahm’s favorite things have changed over the years, but they are always very unique objects. When he was younger, Brahm was obsessed with trees, flags, fans, and windmills. Currently, Brahm’s favorite objects are things that light up - candles, lanterns, and lights. He can spot these objects anywhere – just like a Where’s Waldo book. Brahm will create and draw these objects and talk about them nonstop!

On the negative side, he is completely obsessed to the point it hinders him from doing “normal” things and can cause the worst of meltdowns. On the positive side, it can be a great way to motivate him to go someplace especially if they have lights and candles! Every trip to Home Depot and Menards starts and ends with us letting Brahm stand in the lighting section staring up in utter joy and amazement! Brahm has taught us to see the beauty and joy in the most mundane things and to appreciate even the littlest of moments.

Brahm is obsessed with a few other things, as well. If you see Brahm, chances are you’ll also see him holding a mangy-looking stuffed cat named Simba. One of Brahm’s favorite therapists gave him Simba for Christmas two years ago, and she (yes, Simba is a girl!) hasn’t left his side since.

Brahm is also obsessive with songs and movies. He listens to the same song on repeat all night while he is sleeping – his current favorites are Jingle Bell Rock and Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me. Brahm watches movies on repeat, too – his current favorites are Ghostbuster’s III (he really likes Patty and fast forwarding to the candelabra in the Aldridge mansion!) and Winnie the Pooh (Piglet is his favorite!).

We love our big man and are thrilled he invites us to share in his unique interests!

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