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Our Autism Story – Day 7 – “Potty Training”

Last year, Brahm turned 5 years old…and Brahm was not potty trained. We are thrilled to share that this has been Brahm’s biggest area of success the past year!

Brahm has major sensory issues and can’t “feel” when he needs to use the bathroom. This made it nearly impossible to work on potty training in the past, even when we tried everything – reward systems, reward charts, candy incentives, toy incentives, literally taking him to the bathroom every 30 minutes, and doing the buck naked around the house thing.

So, what eventually worked? We were having a small get together at the house, and Brahm observed a little boy who was younger than him and wearing underwear. For whatever reason, Brahm decided he also wanted to wear underwear. This was a new advancement for us – Brahm would previously refuse underwear. Like many things, timing couldn’t have been worse. We were leaving the next day to go on a family road trip vacation to DollyWood. While we’re sure this sounds like insanity, we allowed and encouraged Brahm to wear underwear on the trip (probably because we were so desperate at that point to get him potty trained we were willing to deal with any potential clean up!). Brahm did awesome! From that point forward, Brahm has been wearing underwear. (I credit the magical powers of Miss Dolly Parton who Brahm absolutely fell in love with while we were at DollyWood!)

Brahm continues to have sensory issues and difficulty feeling when he needs to use the bathroom. So, his use of the bathroom is often based more on routine (e.g., we tell Brahm to use the bathroom first thing every morning, right before / after school, etc.). There are some accidents from time to time. But, Brahm is potty trained (at least in our minds)!! We know how hard this is for Brahm and are super proud of all he has accomplished!

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