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Our Autism Story – “Dressing Fancy”

One of the things we love best about Brahm is that he is incredibly interesting. Brahm does his own thing without regard to what anyone else might think.

This Fall, Brahm started dressing fancy. This typically consists of a combination of a dress shirt, vest, bow tie, dress pants, jacket, and "old-man" hat. Brahm calls this his “uniform”. He was able to take his look a step further when his great-grandfather gifted him with a hand-carved cane for Christmas. Brahm wears his uniform every day, no matter what the day’s activities might be – it is impossible to talk him out of wearing his uniform!

We think Brahm’s love for dressing fancy started as the cross product of two things he is currently obsessed with – old-fashioned gentlemen from the Titanic and presidents pictured on money. No matter the cause, this is one of Brahm’s quirks we really enjoy. It is impossible to not have a smile on your face when you see our big man all dressed up!

P.S. – In addition to dressing fancy, Brahm also decided he needed to look very serious in all photos – because that is how old-fashioned gentlemen looked!

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