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Our Autism Story – “Reading”

When Brahm started second grade this school year, he was effectively a “non-reader”. He hated reading. Most days, he would refuse to try. Like a lot of things, reading was really hard for Brahm. It just didn’t click like the way it does for some kids. We would try to make letter sounds with Brahm and try to string those sounds together to make a word. It just wasn’t working.

As has happened many times throughout our autism journey, we found ourselves again incredibly lucky to have the most amazing people step into Brahm’s life. We don’t have the words to describe how amazing Brahm’s second grade special education and regular education teachers are – put simply, they are exactly what Brahm needs to thrive. And, he loves them!

At the start of the school year, Brahm’s special education teacher shared with us that Brahm actually was trying to read differently than most kids. He was not able to sound out words. Instead, Brahm tried to read by memorizing words. He would see a word, ask what the word was, and then try to remember that word. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been trying to memorize hundreds of words – it’s no wonder he didn’t want to read!

Brahm and his teachers have been working extremely hard this year. We are ecstatic to share that Brahm is now a reader! It’s absolutely incredible to see the leaps and bounds he’s made in just seven months. And all because Brahm had someone that took the time to really understand how his mind works.

We KNOW learning to read will open the door to so much enjoyment for Brahm! He has very unique interests that are often only written about in more advanced adult books. We can’t wait for Brahm to build up his reading skills so he can enjoy a whole universe of books on topics he’s into. Until then, we are so proud of our big man and so thankful to the teachers supporting him!

He can't read these quite yet, but he's working really hard to get there soon!
Brahm LOVES "Who Was?" and "What Was?" books!

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